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Fuego closed issues

Here is a table of closed Fuego issues:
record_id  ^ Summary  ^ Status  ^ Priority  ^ Owner  ^
0005 Use latest Jenkins version for Fuego closed very high Tim
0026 add test dependencies closed very high Tim
0040 Support unified results output format in JSON closed very high Tim
0048 installation of libaio-dev for an emdebian toolchain removes other instances (causing Functional.LTP builds to fail for other boards) closed very high Tim
0060 One test that hangs the machine disrupts all following scheduled tests closed very high Tim
0004 Document the method of checking functional test results closed high Tim
0008 Add Fuego target configuration test closed high Tim
0012 Add all outstanding patches to fuego and fuego-core closed high Tim
0021 Jenkins sometimes fails to show the list of tests closed high Tim
0025 eliminate code in all tests that manages last_used_testplan; closed high Tim
0036 Make sure post_test runs if test is interrupted closed high Tim
0039 JENKINS_URL is wrong until after user configuration of Jenkins closed high Tim
0049 Some tests fail to compile on aarch64 (ren1 board) closed high Tim
0002 Add support for serial console as a transport closed medium not assigned yet
0003 Add documentation for functions closed medium Tim
0006 finish ftc command line tool closed medium Tim
0009 Create a method to detect a test binary already on the target closed medium Tim
0010 Can't see actual test program logs in Jenkins interface closed medium Tim
0013 check for required test program (bc) on target in bc-script.sh closed medium Tim
0015 Make a test package system for Fuego closed medium Tim
0017 Add target database (aka "board dictionary") feature to fuego closed medium Tim
0023 make testplan and test spec optional closed medium Tim
0027 Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable during image creation (install.sh) closed medium Tim
0028 fuego-core has both Benchmark.nbench_byte and Benchmark.nbench-byte closed medium Tim
0029 problem building docker container - can't resolve debian servers closed medium Tim
0031 get rid of one of nbench_bytes and nbench-bytes closed medium Tim
0037 Change Fuego PDF documentation to ascii doc closed medium Tim
0055 links in job descriptions show up in arbitrary order closed medium Tim
0062 create coding-style guidelines, and enforce them closed medium Tim
0067 Can't do 'ftc run-test' without a job dir closed medium Tim
0050 There are clearcase files in the git repository - they should be removed closed low Tim
0054 support rebuild flag on ftc add-jobs command line closed low Tim

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