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FTC todo list

FTC is the "fuego test control" tool. It is a command line tool used to perform various functions in the fuego system. It is written in python and is intended to be used for both manual and programmatic control of various fuego operations.

Here is the todo list for ftc:

  • test that setting variables in board file works inside a test
    • use 'ftc <target> set'
    • use name space to prevent overwriting values for other tests
      • this is a form of advisory security , instead of adding a whole security system to prevent problems
    • use this to save the variable FUNCTIONAL_BC_PROGRAM

  • support terminating the test?
    • add abort method for command line test
    • sending SIGALRM will do it
      • use a different signal?
    • can use ftc abort <jobid> to do it?
      • have a new ftc instance send a signal to the running one

  • make job appear in Jenkins interface
    • signal to Jenkins that the job is finished

changes [edit section]

  • /home/jenkins/scripts/tools.sh - had to comment out 'if' on last line

issues [edit section]

  • need to do jenkins reload-configuration for ftc test job to appear

completed [edit section]

  • have 'ftc run' add log files to /fuego-rw/logs/<testname>/systemlogs
  • read BOARD_OVERLAY and DISTRIB from Jenkins config.xml
    • instead of hardcoding them
      • scan /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml for 'slave' containers
      • find slave with name equal to target name
  • use result of scan of <slaves> in config.xml for target list, instead of dir scan of board files in boards directory
  • finish 'ftc run'
    • execute Post Build Task script -+ read from test config.xml file -+ execute it:
    • create the build.xml file for the Jenkins interface
      • add the correct duration for the job
    • support streaming the console results to the log file in real-time
  • query board file for variables
    • show a single value
  • get test fragment from /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/<test>/config.xml
  • 'ftc run' does not show shell debug output (+. ++. +++, etc.)
    • added /bin/sh +xe <tempfile.sh> to ftc do_run() routine
  • 'ftc run' creates a directory "<testname>-<platform-name>" in the local dir.
    • added chdir to /home/jenkins/buildzone
  • use and increment /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/<test_name>/nextBuildNumber

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