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Demo ELCE 2016

Here is some information about the Fuego demos planned for ELCE 2016:

The goal of the demo is to show basic Fuego functionality, and to allow people to easily interact with the demo.

Tim will be demoing Fuego in 2 places:

  • the CEWG booth
  • during the technical showcase

Here is the link to

demos [edit section]

  • show the Fuego interface, using a laptop
    • laptop connected to sony debug board and beagle-bone black
    • laptop running qemu target
    • vps running qemu target
  • start a test
  • show test results
  • show test run console output
  • show list of benchmarks
  • show list of functional tests
  • start a benchmark
  • write a test and run it

requirements [edit section]

to do [edit section]

  • vps demo
    • build yocto project on vps
      • build qemux86 core-image-minimal
        • make sure sshd is there (dropbear)
    • make qemux86 sdk with yocto project on vps
    • run qemu in console mode on vps
    • run Functional.helloworld on vps

  • booth
    • get hot tamales candies
    • get hot jelly-bean-shaped candies
    • glue sign
    • make description of test
    • make online survey
      • what do you want to test?
      • what test programs are you familiar with?
    • make instructions for unattended booth
      • go to vps and try it out!
      • take our "what do you want to test?" survey

  • laptop
    • build yocto project
    • install qemu
    • build sdk
    • test qemu target on laptop
    • install linux source
    • install YP sdk into fuego container
      • already have one I copied from timdesk

Links [edit section]

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