chart config.json

The file chart_config.json is defined for each test. This file controls how charts are drawn, in the Jenkins interface for the test it is associated with.

schema [edit section]

chart_config.json holds a single object, with attribute pairs describing values for the configuration of the charts for a test. The following pairs are supported:

The purpose of the "measures" field is to limit the charting to only a few important, or characteristic, measures. Some Benchmark tests save many results, and the user may want to focus on only a few measures that they are specifically interested in.

Here is an example, from the test Benchmark.cyclictest:

Defaults [edit section]

If a test has no chart_config.json, then default values are used, as follows:

Planned features [edit section]

Additional features are planned for future releases of Fuego, including the following:

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