Issue 0017

Add target database (aka "board dictionary") feature to fuego

Description [edit section]

The target database holds information about a board, for use by the fuego system. The "board dictionary" holds the information for a particular board.

The information that needs to be held for a particular board depends on the tests that are installed in the system. Thus the system needs to be ad-hoc.

ftc should be used to manage the board dictionary values (like tdb). A user should be able to manually clear values, update values and read values.

The board file should be used to hold the board dictionary. The dictionary values should be kept in ENVIRONMENT variables, that are set when the board file is source'd.

Some values that should be considered "board dictionary" values are:

This feature supports manual and programmatic modification of the information for a board. This supports several features:

Notes [edit section]

When updating the board file, updates to existing values should replace lines in the same position in the file. (Lines should be replaced in-place, and not moved around on an edit).

Should there be an indication of whether a value should be persistent or not? Some values might change, if the software on the target changes. For example, FUNCTIONAL_BC_PROGRAM might change if the distro on the target changes, or if the program gets deleted. Should this be treated like a cache variable, instead of an immutable fact about the board? How would we indicate that?

Update in May 2017 - dynamic variables are now placed in the file: /fuego-rw/boards/<board>.vars. These can be erased at any time, and will be rebuilt by tests that populate the file.

For now, ignore this issue.


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