Issue 0002

Add support for serial console as a transport
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Description [edit section]

Currently, the Fuego test system supports targets that have an ssh daemon running on the target. ssh is used for command execution and file transfer operations.

This project will consist of adding support to the Fuego test system for command execution, file transfer operations, and log retrieval for targets that only support a serial console.

It is envisioned that something like zmodem will be used on both host and target side to transfer files over the serial connection, and that command execution will be accomplished by just echoing the command to the shell on the serial console.

Fuego already includes stubs for where to place the commands to perform execution and file transfer. Please, in see the file, the functions:

fuego-core/engine/overlays/base/base-board.fuegoclass, ov_transport_get() ov_transport_put() ov_transport_cmd() All of these functions take multiple arguments. In the case of get(), the first argument is the source, and subsequent arguments are the destinations.

Note: This makes no sense - it should be all but last argument are sources, and last argument is the destination

The first argument may contain a wildcard.

In the case of put(), all but the last argument are the sources, and the last argument is the destination.

In the case of cmd(), all arguments are passed as a single string to the target to execute.

Notes [edit section]

There is a CEWG project for this at:

Maybe should use serio for the transfer (or just use serio for the initial transfer of lrzsz).

See Transport notes

majority of support is now available with the serial transport. See: ov_transport_cmd


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