The file provides the definitions for variables used for each platform's toolchains.

A single file is located at the directory /fuego-ro/toolchains/ This file uses the PLATFORM environment variable to load a file for a particular toolchain.

An individual platform tools file should be named <PLATFORM>, and be located in the /fuego-ro/toolchains directory.

A new <PLATFORM> files must be added whenever a toolchain or SDK is added to the system.

For example, for the platform 'poky-qemuarm', the file /fuego-ro/toolchains/ sets the variables needed to compile programs with that toolchain.

The variables that should be exported are:

The above variables are directly referenced by the Fuego system.

A few other variables may be used optionally by the build instructions for individual tests.

Variable usage details [edit section]

Note that some tools variables are referenced in patch files. These don't count as uses from because they are defined as part of the program build instructions with the program itself.

Here are some specific tools variables and what tests use them: