Summary [edit section]

The run.json file has data about a particular test run. It has information about the test, including the results for the test.

The format of portions of this file was inspired by the KernelCI API. See

The results are included in an array of test_set objects, which can contain arrays of test_case objects, which themselves may contain measurement objects.

field details [edit section]

Examples [edit section]

Here are some sample run.json files, from Fuego 1.2

Functional test results [edit section]

This was generated using 'ftc run-test -b docker -t Functional.hello_world'

This example only has a single test_case.

Benchmark results [edit section]

Here is the run.json file for a run of the test 'Benchmark.netperf' on the board 'ren1' (which is a Renesas board in my lab).

Ideas [edit section]

Some changes to the fields might be useful:

use of flat data [edit section]

Parsing the tree-structured data has turned out to be a real pain, and it might be better to do most of the work in a flat format. The charting code uses a mixture of both structured (nested objects) and flat testcase names, and I think there's a lot of duplicate code lying around that handles the conversion back and forth, that could probably be coalesced into a single set of library routines.