Remote testing proposal

Introduction [edit section]

This proposal is to set up some prototype remote boards or labs, to test the following functionality in Fuego:

This is not the same thing as:

Tasks [edit section]

Instructions for configuring ppt lab for remote execution [edit section]

For an overview of fserver operation, see Using Fuego with fserver

Here are detailed instructions:

Configure your local copy of Fuego by editing fuego.conf:

Configure your board with the name "rpi"

Make sure you can access the instance of fserver running on

You should see:

Boards on the Fuego server:

Running [edit section]

After adding the settings to fuego.conf, inside the Fuego docker container, run Please 'tee' the output to a log file, so we can diagnose any errors that are encountered.

Let me know when you have done this, and I will start sending jobs.

Bugs encountered during testing [edit section]

Bugs fixed during testing [edit section]

Debug and implementation notes [edit section]

Desired operational flow [edit section]

To Do for remote testing features/fixes work [edit section]

Features that work [edit section]

NOTES from calls [edit section]

2020-10-08/09 call [edit section]


Action items:

Resources [edit section]