Benchmark parser notes

Here are notes about different elements of the log parser and plot processing.

files [edit section]

There are several files used:

overall flow [edit section]

The following occurs, during the processing phase of a test:

In the Jenkins interface:

parser elements [edit section]

FIXTHIS - These are described elsewhere.

legacy files [edit section]

These files are deprecated, but are still supported by Fuego:

reference.log [edit section]

This file has been replaced by criteria.json. However, if a test does not have a criteria.json file, this file will be read and converted into the necessary structure by the parser library.

Each section in the reference.log file has a threshold specifier, which consists of 2 lines:

The metric operator line specifies the name of the metric, a vertical bar ('|'), and either 'ge' or 'le', all inside square brackets.

The threshold value is a numeric value to compare the benchmark result with, to indicate success or failure.


See reference.log